Do you ever see those couples out at dinner who don’t talk to each other and just look bored? Did they run out of things to do or things to talk about together?

If you’re worried about becoming like “that couple”, there are ways to plan date nights and other fun things to do when you’re bored as a couple that will help you learn how to fall back in love with each other if you’ve lost the spark, or keep it burning if you’re worried it’s growing dim.

Here are 8 things fun things to when you’re bored as a couple that will help you fall in love all over again.

1. Get outdoors and go for a hike

Ask your partner, “Who was your favorite teacher growing up? Why?”

2. Take a cheese making (or other cooking) class

Ask your partner, “If you could live in any other city, where would it be?”

3. Take a “ghost tour” in your local town

Ask your partner, “What am I most afraid of? What are you most afraid of?”

4. Take athletic lessons like trapeze, dance, or sports together

Ask your partner, “What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?”

5. Go fruit picking and pack a picnic for after

Ask your partner, “What are three things you admire about me?”

6. Volunteer together

Ask your partner, “What was it that made you want to date me?”

7. Do a “murder mystery night” with friends

Ask your partner, “If you could excel at a skill you don’t already have, what would it be and why?”

8. Play tourist in your own city

Ask your partner, “Who is your hero and why?”

If you’re not able to get out of the house much, why not try changing things up there? Just the novelty of doing the same thing a differently can create variety for you both. Get a deck of cards, a board game, or some other fun activity to do at home that’s out of the norm. Anything fun and a little competitive can create lots of laughs.

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