About us

Discover more ways to meet someone; Blue Ocean is unlike any other dating site. Find out why thousands of Indian men & women have joined Blue Ocean to make a great connection with someone.

Joining Blue Ocean is absolutely free to register and send messages for a limited period only.  The website has been designed in such a way to make your experience as stress free as possible.  You can begin to meet eligible singles who can make the experience exciting and fun.  

Mission Statement

We understand the importance of establishing an emotional connection with someone through a basic date or a continual relationship. And, hope it eventually converts into marriage. We intend to promote our Blue Ocean Dating (Online meeting place) worldwide

We want you to have a good time in the process and tell all your friends, family and work associates about our site

Our Philosophy

Dating should be fun; if you are not enjoying the experience then it’s pointless. Many people feel like it’s a task and something to shy away from. However, it is a pleasant experience if you start looking at dating from an angle of passion rather than fear. All those butterflies are good that makes dating as exciting as possible.

Believing in integrity is the key; hence always expressing right intentions to each other is what makes relationship honest and long lasting. Enjoy every single moment of dating, because someone somewhere is always there who cares for you.

Meet Our Team

                          Miss Indira Kapoor

                    Operational Manager

Indira is responsible for planning, designing business & HR strategies, also overseeing technological aspects of Blue Ocean Dating. She liaises with other team members, interacting with managers of different areas of organisation. She has over 7 year’s management experience.

Prior to Joining Blue Ocean Dating as Operation manager Indira worked for leading online businesses in India.

                                Mr. Sanjay Roy


Sanjay is responsible to provide administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office.He organises events and support various business areas of Blue Ocean dating.

Sanjay holds 5 years experience is similar role.




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